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                Formally registered at the Administration for Industry and Commerce (registration number: 420111000153881), Wuhan Kinca TranslationCo., Ltd. is a professional language translation and interpretation service provider with legal personality. Dedicated to translation and localization services for 86 languages and 160 industries around the China, the company gathers a contingent of nearly 8000 talents including translation elites from well-known Chinese universities and colleges, translation experts in China and abroad, international renowned translators and interpreters and returned overseas talents. Our company is mainly engaged in text translation, conference interpretation, multimedia, software, corporate website translation services. Since its founding, the company has translated up to one hundred million characters for companies, government bodies and other organizations in the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, North America and Australia and has been the designated translation and interpretation company of world top 500 companies. The return of customers exceeds 96%. We have always adhered to the principle of "treating customers equally, whether large or small" and taken on the mission of overcoming language barriers and promoting cultural exchanges. MORE>>
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                Add Room 05, F7, Block 2, ⅠLingxiucheng, No. 489, Xiongchudajie,Hongshan District, Wuhan
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